Dakota Dupuis — Drama Filled B1tch

This girl is the most annoying, ugly, backstabbing b1tch I’ve ever met, she’s a terrible mother she always does her nails and hair and gets tattoos before feeding her kid, she always leaves him in soggy diapers. Her kid is mentally retarded he always whines and he hits and it’s because her baby daddy used to beat him and she’s still dating him. Her makeup is fuking disgusting she looks like a god damn clown. She backstabs friends by leaving them for other friends and then calling cfs on them to get their kids taken. She will hate on you for having a boyfriend and if you don’t hang out with her all the time then she’ll freak on you and call you a bad friend. She also will buy you something then ditch you as a friend and get pissed when you won’t give her her gift to her. She’s a fuking useless b1tch and she needs to be blown the fuk up.

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