Crackho Shannyn Murray – Calgary’s Finest Slag

Shannyn Marie Murray. A severe alcoholic who loves the booger sugar and meth. It shows on her pockmarked face from meth sores which is why she cakes all the makeup on and uses heavy filters on her photos. Not to mention cracked out teeth and scars everywhere from her “car accident”. That accident was her buddy knodding off at the wheel high off heroin and caused an accident which put the other driver in the ICU. Shannyn Murray lives with her roommate Jamie who she calls Felicia because its his “pet name” and every single one of her guy friends she has slept with. She constantly brags about how many musicians she has banged and has well over 350 men under her belt. It’s not hard to see why this trainwreck is still single in her 30s. Almost every year one of her friends tragically dies from a drug overdose. But that doesn’t stop her from snorting and popping all day long. Molly. Blow. Fenatanl. K. You name it. She will do it. If you’re going to throw it in her be careful because this one stinks something fierce. If you hit it wrap it up because who knows where this ditch pig has been. If you ignore her she will constantly harass you and blow up your phone threatening your life with her HA connections. A true winner. This one needs a good shame. Shannyn Murray everybody. Calgary’s finest.

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