Cimon Charest-Deschenes — Cimon The French Clown

This is Cimon. You may recognize him, he works for a local news station. Cimon is an obsessive narcissist. When you are around him, the only thing you will hear him talk about is himself, his looks, and how great he thinks he is. As you can see though, Cimon looks like an elf. His ears are bigger than an average male’s feet, and he looks like a sad lesbian. It’s quite bizarre how this kid prances around as if he’s hot sh1t, and still can’t realize what a loser he is. He talks shit about every single individual in his life, can’t keep his mouth closed to save his life. He’s also a huge liar, and has zero loyalty to any of his friends. He has been caught lying and talking about everybody. Cimon also likes to talk about people who forgot about his existence after cutting him off, which, many people, find extremely weird and obsessive. He wants the people that hang out with him out of pity to send people who cut him off photos gloating about his life. News flash buddy, nobody would know unless you made other people tell because nobody gives a fuk about you enough to ask. People forgot about you. Just because every gay guy in Calgary has stuck their d1ck in you, doesn’t mean you’re hot, it means they can actually see how stupid you really are, which isn’t hard. You may have a new car, and a condo, but guess what? You still have NO friends. There’s a reason your boyfriend didn’t care to leave you the day your grandma died, and the next one ghosted you after two weeks. Pay attention Cimon, your life is miserable, that’s why you are ALWAYS talking about someone else’s. Cimon also likes to use the death of people’s loved ones against them and make jokes out of it when his ego is bruised. You’re a joke to Calgary. Move back to Quebec.

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