Chelsea Leah Big Crow

Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
Chelsea Big Crow Big Hole… proud Tsuutina passed around..
This Pepsi face 2.6 drinking Tsuutina pass around comes from a long of drunks in-fact most of her family are dirty drunks.
This past around from Tsuutina is on her fifth FAS pregnancy with her fifth FAS bastard… When will this proud sarcee savage Chelsea Leah Big Crow ever learn that it’s NOT OK to do Pepsi and drink 2.6’s while you’re pregnant….
Kirby definitely wants a better life but this fish hole won’t let him go. Your baby girl Madison is waiting for you to be the dad that you should be. That baby that Chelsea is carrying right now is NOT yours Kirby…..
Watch her give herself another traumatic miscarriage like she did with her precious baby girl (MY A$$) She knows that baby will come out black… her dad is from Siksika and her mom is from Tsuutina Chelsea go spend some time with your dad you have really bad daddy issues… you got a lot of pity likes for that post on FB FAKE!! You wouldn’t of had that miscarriage if you and Kirby weren’t drinking and he didn’t find out that that baby wasn’t actually his that’s why he beat the shit out of you and you provoked it to cause that miscarriage some of us know the truth about you tisk tisk…
Let’s name some of the victims that she’s spread her DRD’s too.. swingers night at the Pepsi house on Onespot hill.. condoms not needed…
(Latesha Big Crow) Yes her cousin latesha they get dirty together and share… (Mel Onespot )(Rusty Bigplume)(Dustin S) (Craig Onespot) (Eugene P the one that carries a shit bag) Charlene Jacobs B.C married on (pissy pants).. Angela and hubby Eugene H Tsuutina’s biggest swingers haha… Angela you can’t be a swinger in a small community and expect people not to talk about it (you bought her a Mickey of Smirnoff for her and you husband to take turns on her). lol… BTW Latesha Big Crow is a big Pepsi face that’s why her face is always red around her nose oh and plus she’s a big drunk too.
This little psychopath Chelsea blames everybody else for her problems including her childhood it’s not the worlds fault that your mother was a drunken hoe and couldn’t take care of you and the rest of her effed up kids… Such proud Tsuutina woman haha just a bunch of drunks in your family.. And your uncle (IBC) is dead because he was a drunk and couldn’t take care of himself, it’s nobody else’s fault but his own so stop blaming his ex-wife and to be honest he thought you were a little whore and he was right. Tries to blame his ex-wife for his death haha hahaha sakes if it wasn’t for her he would’ve been dead a long time ago She literally kept that crippled man alive for a few more years…..
have you told JoJo who his real dad is ??because we know it’s Blaine manywounds and not Cody from Siksika haha talk about living a fake life Chel.. You talk so poorly about others and bash them and call down other women lmao you’re so envious and jealous over other Beautiful women and their success, women that you’ll never ever compare to in life you’ll never come close to your the bottom of the barrel chug. Your bastards deserve to know who their dads are don’t you think ? They don’t all belong to Kirby lol Mommy of year on snap and FB my ass!!!
You live in Kirbys house on Onespot Hill yet none of the Onespot‘s can stand you as a matter of fact his parents hate you.. He would’ve been better off with Fiona that house would’ve been taken care of and Madison would’ve been treated like the princess that she is in that house that’s Madison‘s house you should take all your bastards and move up to Dawson Hill… rightfully that house is Madisons and the Onespot family will back her up 100% to get that house…
You had your aunties left overs remember that Spanish guy (MARVIN H) chelsea’s auntie got the blame for this one also because Marvin chose not to stay with her fishy pussy!!! hoe Chelsea you’re so desperate for all sorts of attention.. You thought you could trap Marvin by saying your pregnant but that didn’t work haha Kirby log onto the online banking look into the history Chelsea sent Marvin $600 and he’s not gonna send it back to her just thought I should let you know lol I’ll post pictures on the next dirty post. Proof is the best revenge…. I heard your auntie the one you bashed on THE DIRTY dated Kirby when they were 17 and you still hold that against her talk about psycho lol hahaha…
Chelsea you were just a easy stink fishy lay for Marvin obviously that Spanish guy didn’t stick around for your BS Chelsea good for him he’s smart… you must be so obsessed with your auntie that you had to sleep with her leftovers you pitiful disgusting attention seeking little filthy fatal pig.. didn’t you tell your auntie that you wanted to eat her pussy sick pig!! you have no limits and you have no respect for yourself or anyone else….
Kirby go back to Yolanda I promise you she’ll treat you so much better and you’ll have such a better life. Or Kirby go back to Fiona she knows how to be a good woman and she knows how to not do Pepsi and not drink every pregnancy. Fiona and Madison will be living in that house sooner than you’ll ever know people are starting to catch on the type of lifestyle that you and Kirby are living with those kids so pitiful you shouldn’t have any of those kids you only use them for child tax and distribution from Tsuutina. Kirbys family are right ashamed of you Chelsea and rightfully so you’re a horrible person you come from a horrible upbringing it’s not our fault you got touched you should deal with that…
#Drama #Pepsi #Fish #bigcrow Chelsea Leah BIG CROW #bastards #Fatal #FAS #Mutt
filthy fatal pig
Go ahead and hit this one up pregnant or not she’ll ride and Kirby will watch…
Chelsea is so badly stretched out from all her FAS babies starting right from JoJo….
Chelsea you like to bash people and post them all over on the dirty did you like this one… many more truths to come out…

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