Alexa Pigueiras — sluty Broke A55 Floozy

Alexa is a user. A liar . And a whore. Shes been an floozy for the last 2 years maybe more and has nothing to show lol she let’s anyone inside her for right price . Lies to get what she wants and doesn’t care who she hurts thinks casue she has a fat a55 and tits and loves to suk d1ck that shes a top b1tch everyone watch out for her casue she ll use u for ur money and when it’s all gone or u get busted so is she gone too . She loves doing Pepsi and drinks everyday with her mom . Keeps running back to someone that left her in jail so it shows u what type of.person she is . Shes down for greek for.rught price and pu55y fuxiin for any price basically shes floozyed all over the country and has nothing to show for it lmfao so probably been with 100 guy or more and most of calgary just ask about her ALEXA PIGUERIAS !!!

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