Adrian Way — The User And Abuser

Were to begin about this guy. He acts all charming when you first meet him. But once you enter a relationship with him everything changes. He starts draining your bank accounts, convinces you to take out loans as much as you can to help him and he never helps pay back the loans or anything. He will sign up for anything he can under your name and ruin your credit and dosnt care. He tells you he loves you and will move into your house Cuse he has no were else to go, his own family have written him off. He can’t stay faithful to one women, he has to have multiple women at one time. He needs the validation of women to insure that he is good looking. He will tell people he is single when Infact his is not and she is sleeping next to her in there bed. He sleeps with anyone that he can get and has DRD’s. Once confronted and he confirms everything he tries to play it off, but when you say no he starts yelling and telling you that your a worthless peice of shit, your nothing without him. He gets in your face starts yelling, pushing, hitting you and throwing shit at you. This guy also can’t keep a job or be stable enough to see his own kid. This man is scum and won’t leave your house till the cops are called to remove him

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