Tri-Lakes Roofing — Do not Hire these crooks!

DO NOT HIRE THESE CROOKS!!! Jeff Morrell owner of Tri-Lakes Roofing is on heroin bad, He brought 8 guys to my house to start on our roof that was drunk on the job and they took off all the old roofing shingles on our home to start new roof replacement and after 5 hours they take off with our cash leaving no roof on our home and water is pouring into our home and no shingles! Its been 3 months they will not reply to our emails or phone calls. My poor husband had to go to the hardware store and buy blue tarp he had to put it on our roof because we are broke and have no more money to hire a new roofing company.
Jeff Morrell
Tri-Lakes Roofing, INC
7025 Hillbeck Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80922-2333
(719) 495-3137
[email protected]

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