in — Watch out for this conman

Beware of a fake website and Bill Norton Olsen, he is acting and copying the old studio called Embassy Pictures that is a Defunct company that went out of business back in 1986. Embassy Pictures sold their movies on VHS under license Code Red Media. He is stealing movies that are on the moratorium and low budget movies ONLY. He is only stealing movies from poor directors that don’t have any money to go after him. He does not have a license for any of the films he sold. This man that is behind this pirated business is Bill Norton Olsen did time in prison for the rape of 9-year-old boy and went back to prison after being out for 2 years went back to prison again for rape a potbelly pig. He got 16 months for the crime. This man is not stupid because he knows not to steal any movies that were done by Warner Bros and Sony Pictures Entertainment and Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Studios and Universal Pictures. He knows that the FBI will kick in his door send his fat a*s back to prison. That why he is only stealing from low budget movies. If someone buys one of his pirated and you get caught with it you can be in big trouble for this. Director Buddy Cooper made a movie called Mutilator, The-1985-Matt Mitler this is another film that Bill Norton Olsen has also stolen. Director Buddy Cooper has stated that these releases are unauthorized. He uses free software called DaVinci Resolve to restore the movie back to a cleared movie up and make the movie look out of the world and puts his fake business name in the movie and buys DVD cases and Blu-ray cases on eBay and make covers with the same software. It’s sad that this man will steal from people. Bill has been flying under the radar for too long now. Its time to expose this creep. Bill is the owner of Code Red (no affiliation with the Mountain Dew drink or any other product except) a label that puts out cult films from VHS on to DVD/Blu. Don’t get me wrong but Bill is good at what he does. Don’t believe Bill lies about 35mm film, the f**k up in the DVD is from a VHS movie. To cover his tracks and lies he tells people that it is from 35mm film that he tried to save. He will go on eBay and buys VHS movies that are low budget and records and puts them on his desktop computer and uses a program called DaVinci Resolve and it is the best to program it will turn any VHS into 4k quality disk. Did I tell you that bill gets foods each month? Did I tell you that Bill gets SSI? Did I tell you he goes to food pantries to get free food? Did I need to tell you that Bill has his brother has an eBay account that cell his movies for him under the name petemo2016? Did I tell you that Bill has an eBay account also his name on eBay is grindhousevideotampa? Did I tell you that bill is so f*****g lazy to go to the bathroom at night he p****s in pickle jar next to his bed? Bill runs his business all from his nasty a*s bedroom from the place he lives is a dump. He doesn’t even know how to have s*x with women because he had s*x with me could not get it up and he was out of breath it took him ten mins before he could breathe again. He had the nerve to ask me if it was good. See Bill you should not have f****d with this b***h because I know the truth about you and what you do and how you live. Bill had at the time he had 115 movies that he had total on his website, now since then he has 16 more. So I am going to put his a*s out of business real soon. Do you want to know how I am going to put his a*s out of business? When I was with this creep I had stolen a few DVDs and Bluray and from all of that time, its total of movies I have gotten is a total of 123 movies. I am going to clone and open the same website it will be called the name sounds better anyways. and I will make youtube videos showing you how Bill does it. The good news is I will use AnyDVD and Clone Dvd and CloneBd to copy from all his disk and DVDs BD disk. I will not have to clean up any of movies since Bill got that part done, the only thing I have to do is edit the movie cover to remove his name and put Code Red Video and edit video clip for the intro add in Code Red Video and I will record all of this work an put it on youtube and I will buy 2 VHS movies from eBay and show you how you can make a VHS movie tune into 4k quality and record from the VHS tape and use software to show you all of this. When I get done I am going to give away any movie for free to download it free of charge to anyone. If the customer wants it on DVD or BD I can’t charge you for the movie because I don’t own rights to the movie and bill don’t own rights he steals from people that worked hard to make the movies so the only thing I will charge you for is the Bluray or DVD box and disk and ink that was used to print the cover and shipping. so stay toon keep checking to see when the new website will be up. Good luck bill because you will need it when I get down.

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