Tara Grant — Tara Grant Or Katy Cherry

This thing is a monster, she will act like she cares and try to get to the root of your problems to help to paint herself in a good light. tara will do what it takes to make you like her and then when you do she’ll latch herself onto you emotionally and then when she’s suked all the life out of you, she’ll make you think that it’s your fault she’s feeling this way, when she is done with you she will try and destroy your reputation by playing the victim and calling you a narcissist and sociopath. ive even seen her go on facebook on a guys profile and post on every public post and claim he was the issue and that she isnt crazy like he claims she is.. but i think we all see you differently tara and if you have kids she will give them illegal drugs. tara is nothing but a spoiled little b1tch who’s had life way too easy and when it comes time to apply any kind of metaphorical effort, she drops out and gets mummy and daddy to pay for everything. Plus, while I’m here, she’s not great in bed either. She is the equivalent of a one pump chump. As soon as she’s had her number of Os she just goes limp and then expects you to finish. She even has a twin 11 yr old boys with autism and abandoned one of them with her ex. she wrote a book which is questionable at best. she was a cam girl that she doesnt want mommy and daddy know she did it. if you want to have a watch look up katy cherry kink dot com Yikes. An absolute trash heap, stay far away.

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