Kali Horner — Relationship Distroyor

Kali Horner — Relationship Distroyor.Nik this is Kali Horner she goes by the name Kali Kay this b**** is psycho imm tellin ya she’ll date a you for a month then go on to the next shes a homie hopper I was at a party and she stormed into the rest room and sat on the toilet and told me “ I just had s** and he came in me I need to push the c*m out!” I watched her stumble on the toilet and push some random dudes c*m out! WTF?!? I’ve seen this b**** at a party and I watched her snort pepsi off a girls a55 This b**** will manipulate you to get what she wants, this gutter pig just loves ruining peoples relationships everyone knows her from Kelowna, Nelson and kootenay’s they’ve either hooked up with her hate her for hookin up with their man! Watch out for this one!

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