Areaka Deng — Cheater, Sugar Baby, Self Proclaimed Sociopath, Pepsi Head

Areaka Deng — Cheater Sugar Baby Self Proclaimed Sociopath Pepsi Head. Date this girl and you’re getting yourself into narcissistic abuse. Being absolutely naive to her lies and manipulation, she will cheat on you with older wealthy men. She boasts her ability to “finesse” her targets for money and in the end will set herself up with her next suitable host. Uses the idea of sex and emotional attachment to facilitate a parasitic relationship. Her limits know no boundaries. She has even lied over the course of months about a “friend” developing lung cancer, all the while having me pick her up and drop her off so she can draw money from him and suk his d1ck. She owes countless people money, myself included, and scams her way into leeching more. Absolutely disgusting, self serving, amoral behaviour that will only have her end up homeless. This is her third post on this website, no surprise. Do not be fooled by the superficial charm and avoid at all costs.

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