The Dirtiest Floozy Christy Casella

Christina bambina aka christy casella, IG honorable_c is one of the dirtiest brampton thief/whores you will ever meet. Pls beware she has drds and possibly many other things as well. She is so rachet and broke that she stole a Turkey in one of Brampton’s food market on thanksgiving. If you are wondering you can always find that video on Facebook. Which is pretty embarrassing. She has a drug and alcohol problem. All she does is party and do drugs and she is almost 30. She lies to her boyfriends about her being an floozy. When everyone in the GTA knows she is one. She had sex with Zespi”s father and yet her man at the time didnt know. Even if she wanted to get a proper job she cant because she has 2 DUI’S. Shes a broke/lame chick with drds.

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