Don’t Ever Trust Rajan Dhaliwal

Rajan Dhaliwal is a certified a55hole. He asked for money in December from numerous people and promised to pay them back quick with “a little bonus”. For 7 months this guy lied and made excuses on top of excuses saying “I sent the money,” and “gonna take a few days.” Once you asked him what happened, he wouldn’t reply for a couple days, and then say “something came up, I’ll explain later.” Guy straight lied to his close boys just for some money and didn’t have the honesty to be upfront about it. If you ever get in contact with this guy, keep him at an arm’s length and don’t EVER give this guy money because you ain’t seeing that money ever again. Such a fukin elaborate liar, and no disregard for any friendship, I’d respect it, if he wasn’t such a certified b1tch. Beware

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