Tiffany Lynn Lawson — Plays The Inocent Victim

Dear Nic, let me tell ya this chick is as dirty as they come. Likes to play the game of the innocent victim, always claiming she’s something she isn’t. Starting school every September for the past 8 years at least. Lol. Claims to be a psychiatrist with no degrees. More like she could use one. Says she doesn’t sleep around but been with at least 5 different men in the past couple months that we know of. She’s a pure bread alcoholic can’t handle her booze likes different c0ck blames it on being “drunk” call her out on being drunk tho she never is. shell convince you she can handle her booze but obviously can’t. Lies through her teeth and shell believe her own lies! A relationship with her is dangerous as shell make up sh1t post screen shots of messages on social media, but manipulate them to have her look like the victim. Her word is garbage. She’s lost her kids to CAS cries the blues, but only ever worried about her next bottle and running around like she’s a gift from God and claims she’s mother of the year and how good of a jod she’s doing yet she’s not the one raising them, let’s face it she she has no interest in getting her children back this seems like a big vacation for her. I’d be getting checked for DRDs if with this dirty woman. Everyone that winks at her is her new “best friend” but would stab you in the back in a heartbeat! Wouldn’t put an ounce of trust into that! Be careful Sudbury/Chelmsford this is what fakes, snakes and skanks are made of! Pretty face that’s all she is!

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