Micheal Heaslip — Lying, Cheating, D1ck Sucking Piece Of Sh1t

Well ladies and gents, this here is Micheal Heaslip. This heartless disgusting pig cheated on his pregnant wife for over 6 months! But it gets better, not only with multiple women, but MEN as well! I have seen pics and vids of him suckin d1ck and takin d1cks in the a55, never with a condom! This fuk made me believe we were in a legit relationship. Found him on pof. He met me kids, family and even proposed. Someone needs to warn his gf this guy is mentally and emotionally cold as fuk. Not to mention a he has a fetish for watching women fuk big black c0cks. I have no doubt he will cheat again, and sucker some poor girl into believing he loves her. Ladies you have been warned.

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