Celina Durgin- Christian Fake, Loser, Liar, Hypocrite, Sociopath, Thief

Stay away from this POS slut Celina Durgin of Boston. She works as an Editorial Manager for Skyword by day and by night she frequents Coffee Meets Bagel looking for attention and guys to randomly hook up with and rip-off on a regular basis. She will act genuine to your face, write these long fake messages, and then drain you of everything that you have, flake, then ghost and move on to the next if your stupid enough to fall for her. She lives a double life and is a true hypocrite. She will go to church on Sundays and preach to everyone yet turns around a hooks up with and cheats as many men as she can. She is addicted and can’t get enough of the online attention. She will also stab you in the back to get whatever she wants and then will go psycho on you when you call her out on it. She will stalk you, visit you at work, and leave disgusting messages on your phone. She will also threaten rape or assault and count on things disappearing if she ever steps inside your home. She is a pathological liar and thief. She is highly manipulative, and a fake that likes to stir up drama and talk behind people’s back at work when she is not playing on her phone looking for attention. She is also disgusting and smells like a sewer. Stay away from this pathetic excuse of a human being. This fat nosed moron should disappear.

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