Chezlynne Davidson — Compulsive Manipulative Liar And User

Lying manipulative . Never change their clothes wears the same clothes everyday bleeds in her underwear and leaves them lying around or her nasty bloody pants .she is a homewrecker she will wait till in ur home and try and ruin ur life and ur relationship and before she moves in she will make it feel like she is badly treated and abused so u move her in .she is very obsessed with her family member . She calls rape every chance she gets and she will say u have beaten her and show ppl bruises she has put on herself saying you put them there . She steals every chance she gets . She’s dirty and doesn’t bath, 4-5 days wears the same clothes. She does not do laundry, does not cook, does not clean house or even her panties. Spends her money on stupid stuff and she’s crazy when she’s on alcohol and acts like a baby! She’s not a good person at all. She will try to wreck your life. She opens a can of worms and then runs to the cops. She’ll send nudes and dirty pictures to your man and fuk him behind your back then call rape when she gets caught cause she’s afraid of getting beats she deserves. She’ll say your man raped and molested or talked dirty to her so stay clear or you’ll be the next victim! Her modo is incest is best can’t keep it in her pants so keep it in her family. I suggest unless you want your life destroyed I’d stay away.

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