So everyone’s heard of Beth Koch? She lives in Belleville. Lately if shes not ripping off people for money few hundred dollars , shes ripping them off for drugs and her husband off for money as well. She steals all his pay checks. Spends it on meth. Beth is always picking fights with ppl in the moira,tripp , elgin complex. Shes to be evicted soon. Shes ripped off over 12 ppl for dogs. We had ppl in a van some girls look for her. They were from Hamilton and she ripped em off for $250… god knows how many others shes ripped off and sold . In groups on fb ppl mention she ripped them off. Just wanna warn people STAY FAR AWAY from this one!!! She lost her kids to childrens aid, who let’s their kids eat out of the garbage? She does. Her house is disgusting. You might wanna put a hazmat suit on before going in. She makes up sob stories to get ppl to feel sorry for her. Shes a definition of narcissistic at its finest. Lend her money and ask her to pay you back. You wont see it. And she will steal your CELLPHONE moments after you enter her house

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