Carmen Sage — Floozy In Atlanta A.K.A Sheneka “Neka” Adams

Carmen Sage floozy in Atlanta floozy A.K.A Sheneka “Neka” Adams She has outed several men now it’s time for Karma. Goes by the name Carmen Sage (@elitemodelc on Twitter) or Sheneka Adams (@avirgoworld on Instagram) Turns out I found her sugardaddy and online floozy profile. Her sugardaddy drives a red Ferrari. FUks young model looking 20-year olds and now giving them expensive gifts, so she’s about to be CANCELLED since she’s 30+. I wonder how he’ll feel if I told him about her being an online floozy instead of the “businesswoman” she pretends to be. Claims to be high-class and a motivator, but is actually broke and jealous/envious person. Her boyfriend used to pimp her out for cheap. Now she is selling herself pu55y online on a website called Eros(dot com) and Slixa(dot com) for cheap, so anybody can fill out her “screening form” and you can meet her. You can find naked pictures and videos of her online for free if you Google “Sheneka Adams sex tape”. Yes she look different because she has MAJOR surgeries. Her daughter is going to be the ugly version of her before her plastic surgery, haha. She have a big nose, and have bad skin under her makeup. Her chin is long too,. Big fake wigs. Long head. Big teeth. LARGE forehead. She flaunts around in Atlanta at the St.Regis and Four Seasons looking for clients to take her back to their rooms for bareback sex and give them Drd without saying she have a DRD. Broke ass can’t find another way to succeed without spreading her legs. These guys will never take her old a55 serious. Poor girl Last, she outed several men, so do not give her your information. She will use it against you BEWARE.

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