Ibhar Al Mheid – Cheater and Dangerous Predator

Ibhar Mohammad Almheid is his real name.
Ibhar Almheid, Ibhar Al Mheid or Ibhar Al Mheid are other names he uses.
Ibhar Al Mheid pretends he is affiliated with Emory in Atlanta (but not really) and has an LLC “practice” he calls ‘Candler Park Medical Consultants’ or ‘Candler Park Medical Group’ (and there are several other LLCs he rotates). Like his name, he juggles various LLC’s to convolute and scam others unknowingly or the govt. Ibhar Al Mheid lists various LLCS under the cell phone numbers 404-642-3780 and 678-582-9988 but changes the names routinely. He uses them for dodgy reasons and PayPal to pay his ‘pay for play’ esc*rt girl habits, too so his wife won’t notice. He brags about using her to help gain citizenship in USA and she is in on his scams.
Ibhar Al Mheid LLCs ‘practice’ are run out of some seedy dodgy apartment. He pretends to be some big shot MD. What a joke. Affiliates himself with Hamilton Physician Group, Inc and Hamilton Medical Center, in Dalton, Georgia as well.
Ibhar Al Mheid has been blacklisted for aggressive and predatory behavior by escorts, so now trolls the sugar baby and online dating websites for victims of his scams to film them with hidden cameras. Ibhar Al Mheid lies to the women he sees then sexually violates them.
Stay away from Ibhar Al Mheid, Ibhar Mheid or Ibhar Mohammad Almheid as he is a scary predator of women. He assaults them, films them without permission and threatens their lives. Ibhar Al Mheid is a disgrace to the medical profession and the oath to, ‘do no harm’ as he enjoys harming women.
They should look into who they allow their name affiliated with, such as this predatory creeper, Ibhar Al Mheid, who worked the system to gain citizenship to assault American women. Oh, and I read other comments he is on the homeland security and government watchlists, so not surprising.
Beware ladies — Ibhar Al Mheid harasses you and then uses other numbers or social media to threaten and harass further.

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  1. I know this guy and was told about his arrest for family violence and criminal trespass. Not surprised, I found other reviews like it online where Ibhar Mheid films women without consent and that he is a predator.

    In the local community, Ibhar Al Mheid is known to run different LLCs out of his apartment and pretends it is a legit Dr. office. Ibhar Al Mheid is a con and criminal and I was right about him, when I warned others and colleagues.

    Here is his recent arrest for criminal trespass , damage to property and family violence. Ibhar Mheid was arrested and put in Athens-Clarke county jail. The public record to Ibhar’s arrest is in the link below.

    Below is part of the report:

    Ibhar Al Mheid arrested on Wednesday

    Ibhar Al Mheid (also known as Ibhar Mheid) is a 41 year old white male who was arrested near Athens, Georgia on 12/15/2020 9:07:27 PM and charged with the following:

    Criminal trespass damage to property fv (Family Violence)

  2. Ibhar Al Mheid Mugshot | Athens-Clarke County Jail – Athens, GA

    Beware ladies – There is a older and married bald man pretending to be a sugar daddy who preys on online women and college girls. Ibhar Al Mheid, Ibhar Mheid or real name, Ibhar Mohammad Almheid attacked and destroyed a woman’s property in Athens and was arrested and jailed. He also has a reputation for being threatening and films women without their knowledge or consent.

    Ibhar Mheid has a ‘doctor’s office’ run out of an apartment complex address near our area here.

    He was arrested for criminal trespass, damage to property and fv or family violence and put into the athens-Clarke county jail a couple months ago, too.

    Be safe!

    Arrest record below:

  3. He was arrested for family violence stalking, damage to property in December 2020, arrested again in March 2021 for similar charges, now is currently incarcerated, after being arrested AGAIN on May 28, 2021, in Athens Clarke county , Georgia jail on aggravated stalking (another felony and he already has a TPO on him) and uploading nude/explicit sexual content (misdemeanor and not his first time doing this).

    This Dangerous Predator Ibhar Al Mheid keeps getting arrested and jailed because he won’t stop stalking and threatening women. Why is he even allowed to stay in the USA? OH yes, the girl he won’t stop stalking and abusing is only 21 college student and his ‘wife’ (he used for green card) and two children are at home. Ibhar Al Mheid is very dangerous.

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