Scandalous Stephanie Williams

Scandalous Stephanie Williams was my friend until I found her in bed with my now ex-husband. Yes, this girl is the reason why I had to divorce my first love. She has a bad reputation and don’t even have her kids due to smoking methamphetamines. I let her stay with me while she was homeless and that’s where it all started, she convinced me to try drugs one night and it got me hooked on methamphetamines.
My husband didn’t like drugs so I had to keep it on the low and I started to lose my mind. She was playing mind tricks on me making me think that I was really insane and my marriage started to fall apart. I came home one night after she had me driving around trying to find her and I heard moaning, walking in finding her and my husband in bed and guess what? She was also getting him high!!
Come to find out my ex was a dealer and it was all planned out. She had been sleeping with him for months. After, I was so hurt I became into a shock and left walking. She stole my wallet, my jewelry, my clothes, my car keys, and my groceries. She’s a no good lieing [email protected]#%&. Stay away from her!

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