Tallia Cutarm Rez Dog Homewrecker

Tallia Cutarm Rez Dog Homewrecker. This low life rez dog is a homewrecker. She busted sending emails to a married man who has his 5th child on the way and when she was caught by his wife she tried to lie saying she was HR dumb dog didn’t know that his wife read all her emails. She got drunk and threw herself all over him and uses him for rides and money. She had a bf who she dated since 2017. You married women better watch out for this homewrecker rez dog. She tried blaming him for everything claiming she didn’t know he was married when her emails said otherwise. Tallia Cutarm you are one low rez dog I hope your bf knows he deserves better. You denied your own kid what kind of person does that you desperate b1tch. Do the world a favor and sting up already and stay away from married men you rez mutt

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