Natasha Decouteaux — Drama Queen Little B1tch That Runs Her Mouth

This chick is nastier than any girl posted on swift current dirty! Natasha is a little fat fall down, just like the rest of her friends. This b1tch likes to stir up drama , while she sits in her house selling drugs and hanging out with drug addicts n drunks. Natasha is a ugly girl who was bullied in school and now acts out and tries to screw with peoples lives. Natasha knows about every drug raid before it even happens, she sells drugs and calls others down and publicly attacks them without any fear of retribution. Natasha thinks she is solid but the only thing solid about her is her nasty face and down syndrome looking face !This b1tch is as stupid as they come!Maybe one day she will stop trying to suk Tyler adamson drd infested d1ck and get a real job.Her poor husband has to deal with her useless fat a55 everyday! Feel sorry for Holderbein an most of his parenrs who cant stand the b1tch! What a embarrasment to the family. Stay away from this nasty b1tch all she does is start bullshit and rumours and get fuked up with her kids around. Someone really needs to call ss on this b1tch… she makes facebook life look perfect meanwhile she is sniffing lines all day causing sh1t.

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