Brittney Greene — Rank Teeth, User, Weak And Will Leave After You’re Broke

Brittney Greene — Rank Teeth User Weak And Will Leave After You’re Broke. Nik, this goof Stitched up my buddy bad this year. She’s a total goof, the guy dropped $bank$ getting them across the provinces like 10 times and she just bounced when times got tough. Rotten teeth and a massive, MASSIVE SJW. This lil scamp didn’t do a damn thing the whole year but let my friend do all the work. Guy cooks, cleans, works long hours an she wouldn’t do nuthin. She didn’t wanna go walking or exploring, no camping unless there was a fuking toilet, didn’t wanna meet people, couldn’t get a job like who the hell can’t get a job? You’re a grown up. Loves the smell of pepsi but it’s never her fault she sad after. The guy is a beauty, super caring, funny and handsome but definitely not perfect, has temper but it’s not psychotic. He gets mad. Fuk so would I if I came home from working for weeks away and then have to make dinner every night too. His friends and family started getting sick and dieing and Then this lil goof just Fukin bails on him when the work stoped and they were fightin. Couple fights but not her that was enough. Didn’t spend a dime and had him do everything for her, he’d take her on adventures and like romantic sh1t. She could care less. Now she’s running her mouth talkin about he isolated and abused her. Total headcase. Be careful with this one. Rank teeth, wears nothing but sweaters and sweatpants in real life. What you see on Facebook is all a front. She’s a little egirl/insta-whore. Apparently she was fun to take to bed though. Little boobs little bum. Really liked getting roughed up….baggage but I snuck a peek at some of his videos with her. She can take a big d1ck for a tiny thing. She loves a double standard. Woman warrior, Men are evil but likes attention from them all the time just as long as it’s online haha yah right. I don’t mind a bit to tho ha. The photos are what you think you’re gettin vr what you’re actually gettin. Ta!

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