Kaitlyn Busswood — Home Wrecker, Snake, Addict, Floozy

Kaitlyn Busswood — Home Wrecker Snake Addict Floozy.Never has a last name suited someone more. Kaitlyn the bus. Fresh out of rehab and the homeless community. Known for hosting orgys at her apartment with teenage kitchen staff from her work, this whore brags about her conquests and victims like they’re anything other than that. She feeds people with all her favourite drugs and throws herself at anything that will walk begging for anyone to touch her. This white is so desperate that she goes after the dirtiest of dirty, she slept with her friends meth Addict husband knowing of their marital struggles and the pain her friend was going through trying to help her husband through his addiction. She continued her disgusting affair going as far as to continue to go into her friends home and be around her and her family. This woman is pure filth. Hide yo kids hide your husbands.

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