Benjamin Roper — Bad Parent 101

Benjamin roper aka benjamin amerato is a slanderous fake parent who gave up custody!! Not only did this guy lie in court stating his mothers daughter was a drug addict and her step father was inappropriately touching the child in question which was all proven to be untrue by multiple social workers and judges. He attempted to assault the step father only to get his ass pushed down a flight of stairs. Hes lucky he didnt go to jail. He had the child removed from the home on false allegations on christmas day while the family opened gifts. He continued to stalk and follow the mother through town from the court house yelling and screaming to the point a couple lawyers almost called the cops by the court house. He tried to get full custody of the child and remove the mother out of the picture and run to vancouver to stop all contact. He stopped working taking care of himself and his child he attempted to fraud child tax and claim all child support and ended up paying 3 grand back for it. The mother was always eilling to share custody while he continued to make fake accounts and get multiple numbers to text call and harass them. In the long run he ended up giving up the shared custody after less then a year because he gave the childs room away to a stranger so he could afford his rent and he willingly consented to weekend time shared and not pay any child support when they family would ask for help he would come by with a wrinkled up 10$ bill that was supposed to help support the child that didn’t do any good for anyone. Then he took to pof and hooked up with anything that would take him jumping from girl to girl who all dumped him because he is bat sh!t crazy and obsessed with the ex and would never just move on with his life finally after the 10th or so pof chick he snagged one that was as wack as he is and im positive he purposefully got her pregnant after 3 weeks of knowing her to trap her in a relationship like he tried to do the first time all while still harassing his first baby momma. And attempting at ever chance to get the first one back even while him and the new one were together. Sharing another child when ever the new mother is single he attempts a relationship saying he wants to raise all their kids together even tho that sounds extremely weird and almost wrong! Considering the first baby momma has kids with the man she supposedly cheated on him with when they relationship was already over for months before that he was just to unstable and fixated on controlling this person and forcing into a relationship or the child would be removed from her care. The first mother moved away just for him to follow her and move into the same complex and continue to show up and having cops called on him because hes trying to fight step dad i saw all of it because i was only a few duplexes down!! Then his current gf was talking to a guy that the first gf boyfriend worked with and she was planning to hook up with him then ended up breaking up with ben and moving and ben did to her what he did to the first one claiming she was insane and unfit and that something was really crazy about the whole thing because once she was gone it was like he didnt even care about any of his lids anymore having issues helping with anything the new gf and him ended up back together and then started to harass the first mother together both texting her when she would ask for help with school stuff and clothes and other necessities. When the first ex got pregnant again and ben was complaining he had no involvement in his daughters life when he still had the same arrangements he made that was never denied. Ex 1 got extremely ill and ended up in the hospital where both ben and new gf harassed her daily still. He was asked if for the last month of school he could drive his daughter to school when at first it was ok then about 30 days in they blew up calling her lazy and a bad mom because she was in the hospital with an extremely bad pregnancy and denying to help his child go to school buy food or do anything that involved actually parenting. New gf and ben continued to slander the ex on facebook twisting stories cutting out useful bit of info that would explain y the ex would be so angry and unwilling to talk to him and sending screenshots with childs name exs name through facebook releasing sensitive private information and going against court ordered no bad mouthing other party rule of the co parenting agreement. After ben tried to push passed the pregnant ill mother and try to scream at her through the front door forcibly trying to enter the house saying he was being denied access after just having her acting unstable yet again because all him and new gf do is fight and throw themselves into cars kick big dents in their own cars and trying to hit each other the ex moved to get away from them it only took about 6 more months for the gf to head on over after being told to leave them alone she assaulted the ex at her home after 8 hours of her raging and clearly displaying unstable behaviour (gf works in daycare and people have this hot headed phycho path unknowingly watching their children when she can snap at any minute) in front of multiple children she did this! This was all over the mother needing child support because ben was unwilling to even pay 250$ without attempting to lie to get full custody bringing up issues from 6 years ago as a reason y the child should yet again be removed from the home.they both continued to slander and make false accusations against the ex and boyfriend in an attempt to lie to a judge and it was all thrown in his face because the judge wasnt falling for it. Ben realized his lying was going no where he dropped his custody battle and agreed to paying the child support that now he has a problem paying every single month yet the guy makes 45,000 a year and he should have been paying closer to 400$. He demanded the child support for food and schooling be spent on a cell phone and contract for a 9 year old girl when the mother refused and restarted his rain of terror parking down the road to walk up on the house just to be chased of the property AGAIN AND AGAIN!! By the exs boyfriend. the ex instantly set up a security camera for their safety. With a protection order already in place for the gf ben how ever was spared the protection order so he could always get his daughter without any issue. He coached his daughter after getting her a phone without discussion to the mother which again goes against the co parenting agreement to. Telling the now 10 year old her mother was not aloud to touch her property in her own house and it was her business and the phone was shut off and placed above the fridge to go to bens house and not come back because he had placed a lock on the phone making it unmonitored and apparently untouchable by mom giving unlimited access to the child all day and night regardless of rules. The mother blindly raging texted the ben angry and sick and tired of the last 6-7 years of harassment slander abuse coaching and making his daughter a pawn in an already long dead relationship he took bits and pieces of the convo remade it to sound worse then it was in a word document and blast it all over a group on facebook that is ready been the root cause of multiple attempted suicides and people actually killing themselves over bullying leading to people being assaulted stalked and unable to even walk the streets these sad excuses for ppl thrive off bullying, trolling, twisting stories to sound worse and destroying families and relationships. Ben not only included the name of the child in the post so everyone knows he’s continued to lie like he intends to go to court when he doesn’t he is just finding new ways to get attention. Or to get the ex to react or talk to him so this guy is definitely full blown crazy and should be avoided at all costs. Because once he is obsessed he will never let u go even lies saying ex told him to kill himself when she clearly said she couldn’t wait tell the child was 18 to not deal with this anymore and apparently the mother having no legal obligations to keep him around is killing himself he’s unstable and him and his twisted dog faced girlfriend can continue to punch each other in the head and scream at each other to the point all the daughter does is hide in closets or under beds with the dog and learn to move on and live there lives!! Leave everyone alone nobody likes them for a reason and they r both sick in the head. Get a life guys!!

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