Jennifer smarche aka Jen mitchel

Well nik this pos is so narcissistic she uses her children as pawns Trys to get men to fall in love with her While she fuks “the boys” on the side She’s such a pos that when a guy dumps her fat stinky a55 (she hardly ever showers” she calls the cops and makes up ridiculous stories which the cops eat up like donuts from Timmys She even will go so far as to plant sh1t at there house to make her story seem more realistic This fuking whore is so pathetic she buys her children’s love lol She abondons them at home and figures video games and weed will keep them busy while she’s at the bar hitting on anyone who will give her 30 seconds of there time She runs around with her floppy saggy tits falling out of her top as she says tits equal tips She steals constantly from her job Booze smokes cash Sells her medication to her buddy for sexual favours She’s currently dating a guy named clay from out east poor fuker has been warned by his ex to stay clear but obviously he to dumb to Listen so don’t be surprised when his face ends up on here and he ends up in jail lol She’s a dirty fuking cvm dumpster who does nothing but sit in her room and be depressed until she finds a reason to go fuk around in someones life She uses pepsi like no tomorrow trades sex for it Sells her a55 through her work to young boys like same 23 years old who just wants to fuk her doggie style “probably doesn’t dare look at her face full of rotten nubs she calls teeth This little imbred home wrecking slut needs to go back to Nova Scotia crawl back under the troll bridge and stay there Her kids are useless welfare babies She lives in the ghetto of Whitehorse Her neighbors are crack dealing crack whores She’s a heroin dealing junky Just an all around piece of sh1t So any guy wanting to date her ask her about the last 4 bf she tried to have locked up Then ask her how many guys she been with Then run cause damn b1tch 65 guys is to many slut Anyway she’s a dumb slut whore who uses and abuses everyone in her life Even left her own daughter to die at the hands of a piece of sh1t she introduced her daughter to knowing he was a pos who sells young girls Her best friends husband does the sameshit selling little girls She pretends to not know but she was profiting off her daughter’s misery Dirty cvnt slut just waiting to fuk over another guy Run clay while you still have a chance.

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