Tony Pesce — The Fukboy Of The City

Tony Pesce — The Fukboy Of The City.

This right here is Tony Pesce or aka as Mrgino LMFAO this guy is a fuking walking fuking boy he will fuk anygirl don’t matter what they look like fat over weight ugly af has issues or even a walking drd of a person he will fuk them just he will put his charm on act like he a down a$$ guy and all about u just to get in ur pants, he will use his daughter as bait too make it seem like he is a great single father but that poor child has to meet ever one of his girls he bring a around I feel so sorry for that child she is gonna have a bad mindset thinking it’s ok to do that. But anyways he will talk to girls who are as young a 17 he barely trys to talk to girls his age bc they all know his ways. He really tries to get the ones he can easily manipulate n get into their head n if they finally come to realize his games he will bring his daughter into it to make them feel bad. But beware ladies he likes to hang with alot of strippers n escorts and he fuks every girl he messed with without protection u may just wanna get checked u never know I know a friend who said he had the drd not to long ago LMFAO wat a disgrace right. Oh he loves sending snaps of him whacking off in his car too or pics of his small d1ck that he thinks is so big and he will use the pics girls send him as revenge if u cross the line with him so b careful ur pics may end up on the internet

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