Riley Gagnon , The Dirtiest Beech In Town

Riley has always been a little off, everyone knows who she is because this girl just gets around. throughout adolescents, Riley played sports. she would walk around the change rooms butt naked with her gigantic BUSH out for everyone to see and smell… GROSS! Riley is also the biggest pathological liar I think I’ve ever met. She likes to go after taken men and make-up lies to tell their girlfriends, Send taken men pics of her nasty a$$, never shaved, never cleaned coochie then run straight to the girlfriend and say he’s the one sending first so she “had” to send one back to get them to break up, she’s done it to me personally. in the last year or so Riley has taken it upon herself to fake a pregnancy, she told everyone she was 3 months pregnant and that it was a girl (which anyone with common sense knows you cannot know the gender of a baby until 5 months into the pregnancy). once she was called out on the fact that her dates just simply don’t line up a few weeks later faked her miscarriage. Skip ahead a few months she broke/sprained her wrist, she blamed her boyfriend and claimed he pushed her and she fell and that’s how it happened. that story could not be more FALSE!! she took him to court and he was proven innocent which then later turned around and ended up in a slander charge on her. When Riley has a boyfriend, she also has 7 other boyfriends behind the scenes. she is the biggest slut and extremely unfaithful in relationships. Blocking all of Riley’s social media accounts once isn’t enough either. she makes multiple accounts under her actual name and a different made-up name to try to contact you and refollow you just so she knows what you’re doing in life because she knows damn well you are doing much better than her. if you ever meet Riley I suggest you run as far as you can.

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