Nathan Williams — Caught Cheating And Smoking Weed In My Friends Stolen Car Across From His Dads Hous

We were having a house party and I slept in another room with a friend who drank too much and needed someone to stay with her through the night. I woke up in the morning and headed down to the other room to find the door locked. I banged on the door until my boyfriend answered it half naked with my childhood best friend still in bed with him. He tried to plead his case by making it my fault for leaving him alone with another woman when they were both so drunk. After catching him in the act i kicked him out of our house and then broke up with him. Breaking up with my ex Nathan caused him to have to live in a stolen low down bootleg station wagon right in front of the McDonald where i meet them homeless men Eric and Carl taking left over food and begging for money. Honestly i dont know why i dated him in the first place, he had brown teeth, a 3 inch penis, and he was always camping at motels with his homeboy named “The Rat” who lives in meadow brook and, his other friend who was his secret fuk buddy named Jade, Jade had 4 drd and a parasite. Nathan Instagram: 519.nathan__

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