Liana Rae Peters-Desmarias — PlantScapes Liana Desmarias

Liana Rae Peters-Desmarias — PlantScapes Liana Desmarias. Liana Rae Peters-Desmarias is a pepsi headband ex wife of Chad Peters who screwed around in her while married and tried to play it off like he’s Poly. Liana and Chad both did pepsi while around their 3 kids chad cheated on her with at least 12 that I know of having profiles on tinder, bumble and Fetlife. She looks like a clown with this going on behind her bad! Her ex Chad also expressed how she always blows up his phone and keeps bugging him with hope they’ll get back together but he would never ever touch her again. Keep obsessing over him Liana while you think you’re ‘amicable’ we’re all laughing at you !

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