Karlee May

This girl is absolutely gross. She bounces between her baby dad, Jordan’s friends. Her and Jordan have a peace bond a non association and she thinks she cool posting the screenshots on facebook.She doesn’t have custody of her 3 kids, and she still has Jordan around. She was telling everyone at a party she rather have her baby dad around than her own kids. What kind of mother says that. Her and Jordan fight constantly to the point where Karlee goes the hospital and plays the victim. Shes attacked Jordan multiple times. Acouple nights ago, she got beat up twice in one night because she talks sh1t to people and thinks she SheHulk. Shes a snake, and washed up. Karlee May doesn’t have custody of her kids and shes still collecting child tax and welfare. She skips her CAS visits to hangout with Jordan. Shes a bum. Shes conniving and threatening people because she knows Jordan will beat up anyone who talks bad about her. Hes even hit women that were fighting Karlee. Jordan is a jail bird bum. Karlee has been beaten up 3 time in one week and twice in a night. Girl, how many times do you gotta wake up busted to change your attitude. Xoxo

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