Jillian Rynyk And Chasitite Rynyk Dumb Slobs

Jillian Rynyk And Chasitite Rynyk Dumb Slobs. Jillian Rynyk and Chasitite Rynyk are pigs ..they dont clean there house they are jealous of everyone blame everyone for there sad life’s ..there men dont love them there kids hate them ..they smoke weed drink party n have had sex with half of Windsor ..HORSE FACE IS WHAT KYLE CALLED YOU CHAS take a shower ur nasty u ditch ur kids never fed them … Descusting I’m glad I’m done cleaning both of your houses pigs get of ur dirty a55 .. n Jillian ..take care of ur kids they shouldn’t be swearing at that age ..terrible ghetto poor kids at least my kids won’t grow up like urs

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