Jenna Leigh Daniel — Settled For His

Jenna Leigh Daniel — Settled For His.This is Jenna Leigh Daniel, for the past nine years this beast has tried to sabotage my relationship with my kids and my ex. She is engaged to this old fat ass Dave Herrera, she clearly wears the pants in the relationship because she has for several years now forbid him to speak to his father, mother, sisters and he condones her narcissistic sick twisted behavior. Now she’s gone to far causing problems for me to see my kids. She verbally abuses Dave in front of his daughter Ariana, she is constantly seeing a physiologist but that doesn’t help. She tries to use the things that she learns at the psychologist to get involved in mine and her sisters business. Her mother Louann Daniel was aware of her being sexually molested by her God son Pietro. This family literally takes the cake out of any dysfunctional family i have ever come across, They are the dirtiest people i know. They live in a disgusting piss infested house, and they never clean. They always smell bad. My ex asked me to fallow her where we literally seen her meeting up with a guy she was cheating on Dave with, this woman is a nasty individual stay away from her.

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