Heather Owchar — Pedo Heather

Heather your so bothered it’s sad. Your like what 40 years old obsessed with a guy half your age ? He talks the most shit about you and only calls you for bottles and money for his canteen after he beats his baby mom. Wasn’t he going to beat you to for trying to throw hands at his baby mom? You leave your kids at home to run the streets and hang out at crack houses with people half your age. You fight people in front of them lmao you talk sh1t about somebody who lost there kids but I’m reality your kids are better of without you. Some example your setting isn’t it time to settle down and retire the hood rat life ? Go read a book in your rocking chair instead of worrying about a man who’s in love with somebody else it must hurt knowing he just uses you and your stupid enough to give him whatever he wants because your that insecure about yourself. Spend your money on your kids not a man who‘s who will beat you and is ant even around allowed around children.

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