Hailey Cote — Stinky Catfish Queen

Hailey Cote — Stinky Catfish Queen. There’s so much about this b1tch people can’t stand, first of all this girl looks NOTHING like her pictures. I was actually shocked at how different she looks but she always has room to talk about how other girls are ugly or how other girls are catfish. This girl is the type to be your friend but be purposely taking bad pictures of you so she looks better or so she can show people to make herself feel better. This b1tch always has beef with people and loves to act like others are the problem when it’s her. There’s a reason this girl has a new bff every month and it’s cause she can’t keep a friend around if her life depended on it. The loves to talk about how dirty jades apartment was but never talks about how she’s the one who made it dirty. Watching this girl trying to “clean” will give you an aneurism. For some reason this girl wears the exact same thing every day , when she finds a piece of clothing she likes she’ll wear it until there’s holes in it. I fuked this girl the first day we met and never linked her again after cause her cooter smelled and she needs to act her weight. (You can’t throw yourself around like you’re 120 lbs when you’re actually hitting 200lbs). Acting like she lost weight when the b1tch probably got bigger.

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