Courtney Ritchie — White Trash

Courtney Ritchie — White Trash. You know how your mom always told you to never reuse well this girl right here is that definition. She can’t ever keep her legs close her hot list is probably well over a hundred. She don’t tell guys that she has an drd. she’s pregnant with her second child and probably don’t know the daddy to this one just like the poor first one. She takes pictures of her self going poop for money. She abuses her animals and when her child cries it makes her angry she don’t deserve her child and baby on the way. Courtney is a manipulative liar and user and loves playing mind games. She will try to take your man or women or transgender partner she don’t care what. She likes to make everyone feel unhappy You can smell in between her legs from a mile away. Be aware of her and save yourself before jumping into bed with her.

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