Cheyenne Michaela Duri — Toxic Shit Talking Backstabber

Cheyenne Michaela Duri — Toxic Shit Talking Backstabber.Cheyenne Michaela Duri appears as a nice caring person, but through the time that I’ve known her she has not only talked crap behind my back, but talked crap behind other’s backs. She starts drama to entertain herself, I’ve personally witnessed her advertising girls she doesn’t like to her guy friends for one night of sex, she uses people and will yell at anyone for trying to help her. She has anxiety and doesn’t think she needs help for the ways she behaves towards her “friends”. My family and I welcomed her into our home and treated her like family. She proceeded to talk crap behind their backs and yell at my child whenever she felt like it. She has threatened to call child services on her friends out of spite, she is toxic and doesn’t realize it.

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