Brad Fletcher — No Good Pepsi Head Theif

So this here is Brad Fletcher. He looks nice and seems chill but in reality he is a no good Pepsi head who will steal from his friends to support his habit. He doesn’t shower, doesn’t have a job, doesn’t even have a stable living situation. Brad will use everyone and anyone in his path to support his Pepsi habit. Brad stole from me and two other people and then played dumb when I asked him about it mean while I have it on camera. Everyone beware of this low life. He will bring bugs into your house, steal from you and is only in it for one thing PEPSI. I will NEVER trust this poor excuse of a man again. He made me feel bad for him saying he wanted to hurt him self just so I’d go see him and then he stole from me and the next day had Pepsi. Beware of this l0ser!!!! He also gave a girl.I know drds but won’t admit to it. Brad get a life and get off the Pepsi.

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