Sara B Schuber — Plays A Victim Well

I had The misfortune of meeting Sarah Schubert through my struggles with PTSD. She’s a woman who has multiple cases of abuse against various men in her life. She will often act morally Superior, all whike cheating behind her partner’s back. I made a false profile to determine whether or not she was lying to me and when the results came back I was shocked at the how much I was being lied to about. Currently has a worksafe claim in and I believe it to be false because according to Sarah Schubert everyone is a bully except for her. the problem with Saras story is that everyone else is at fault and she accepts no blame herself. Watch out for this one she’s looking to ruin lives. she just recently prayed on a grieving father who lost his daughter nearly causing him to choose suicide. She has no remorse and no regrets.

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