Rachael Snyder — Run Away Narcissist Cheater Liar Meth Head Toothless Floozy

Dam guys stay away she will destroy you ..this chick is a real toxic piece of work. Don’t be a sucker and fall for the sweet innocent bullshit she acts.. its all a game to get what she wants from you. Shes a devil with a angel mask on. This single mother leaves her 5 year old at home alone while she runs the streets smoking meth in the middle of the night just looking for her next fix or victim seeking guys to use or take advantage of for the night manipulating using sex to control and she will fuck pretty much anyone who give her attention or drugs she has low standards and no morals she like to bring weak homeless heroin junkies or meth heads especially meth dealers back to her house to smoke meth and have sex even when she has a boyfriend who left yesterday…..hes being ignored right now while she does her thing in secret …. so gross she has no remorse or conscious and lies about everything about herself too, living in a make believe world with her fake self inflated ego and entitlement tryna always playing the poor innocent victim card always seeking any attention from men (dramma queen all day long …load a55 rude bullshit and made up stories to make herselflook good when shes a worthless puddle of rotton heartless soul)..please dont feel sorry for her she does this and has practiced all these manipulation tactics and controlling words lots of covert abuse insults always playing the victim nothing is her fault. she been doing this a long time she will do these victim building exercises at the right hurt you so much with hurtfull word salads using any and all weaknesses you have some the worst things you can say to someone even push you physically attack you and then cower before you even move .she puts on one hell of an act .she will hurt you with mental verbal and physically abuse (her anger problems are out of contro)l she will push until it provokes you to the max you either break down or you fight back and when put your hands on her (s1it ooo sh1t) she won…. now here comes the poor victim act played out to the max now( you fuked up now ) she calls the cops on you making as much of a dramatic scene as possible completely exaggerating everything you did and not about any of her abusive actions and hit herself to make it look like you beat her up. . milkin it…. telling everyone what a piece of sh1t you are telling lies to make herself look good and smearing your name as much as possible are so she can hide all her secrets and lies (because thats her whole life) one big lie she doesnt want that exposed so she will do anything to make sure you dont get a say …. she only cares about her selfish needs to keep her false self intact and cant rusk you telling anyone her truths…. if shes doing something nice for you its all a narcissistic manipulative tactic once she has you fooled she wilk use you up anything you got money drugs sex groceries she wi tKe everything you have to offer and give nothing back .she will abuse away devalue you belittle you gaslight all emotions or words you Express and break you down so your weak and easy to control your emotions therefor easy to manipulate .shes an emotional empty shell of a coward a pitiful pathetic loser.she does not care if she hirts you it makes her sick mind feel good and powerful pretty sad … Her personality is vanilla her true self is insecure weak desperateand lonely looking to find her narcissistic supply of any kind from anyone .lame jokes stupid inconsiderate loud voice and completely uncontrolled outbursts her behaviors are the same as a spoiled child when she doesn’t her way. She thinks shes so amazing and smart but really does nothing to prove anything she says about herself cuz its all fake and usually turns out the truth is completely opposite from her words shes not amazing at all .shes a inconsiderate nasty rude ignorant abuse tank always full and ready to fire away .on vernon streets you can find her in a tent or a box house downtown smoking meth with floozys and fuking looser scumlords or fuking whomever willing ..she wants to be a floozy she trained for it too so she can afford her drug addiction and fullfill her sex addiction aswell (just a real winner ) she likes to fuk meth dealers and manipulate them (its her thing )shes always horny. She cheats on her boyfriend has affairs and juggles men then covers up with lies and deception then abuses him for questioning her FIDELITY …the stories are absolutely unreal i could right a book on this tramp the sh1t she has put him threw would kill most men (DONT BE A SUCKER FOOL RUN FROM THE TRAP SHE AIN’T NOTHING BUT A HOE GUYS ) if you want your mind your heart and your life to fall apart be my guest…. shes looking for a new boyfriend maybe you lol .if she doesn’t get what she wants from him she finds any other man to fill the spot.she isnt even good in bed always super akward and weird words tons of behaviors that completely TURN YOU OFF then she guilts you for her lack of understanding and blames you for everything lacks any empathy or considerable communication abilities thus struggles with limp d1cks and hates it lol shes a complete narcissist she will lie right to your face about anything no problem and only will continue to bury herself in a web of lies and deception. She will discard you abuse you control any emotions she can if you wont take her abuse and do what she wants shes only selfish and doesnt really care about you or anyone…and if you get close to the truth or talk about her truths or her completely ridiculous hypocrite words and actions she will push discard and get away from you or get you away form her so she doesnt have to deal with it (what a cowardly squid of a woman )even call the cops on you just to keep her nasty dirty secrets.she will hate you amd hurt you if you know her truths and she will never admit or be accountable for anything she will blame everyone but herself. Bitch has got some serious mental issues she will tell you your the one who has problems though just a big twisted reality she will push on you she wants you locked up or dead if you find out shes really just a stanking a55 hoe… she will hurt you so bad and treat you like your worthless nothing until youll feel like killing yourself then keep you emotionally hostage ignoring amd blocking while she fucks around some more on you.i feel sorry for her poor daughter whos constantly neglected abused guilted and belittled she ignores her childs needs expects her to do adult things she leaves her alone in her room while she smokes meth and fuks men in her room on the sheets her boyfriend bought for her then lies to him makes him sleep in them and use the pillow with another mans spunk on it no respect or class (how disgusting ). She likes to give her boyfriend things that men left there and lie about where they came from. She likes to wear the same clothes she wore when cheating on him and wear it for him gives her some sick twisted satisfaction fuking crazy weirdo sh1t.she makes her child keep her lies and is teaching her that this is the right way of life lies abuse and anger uncontrolled outbursts only hurting her the ignoring her when she crys barely feeds her dinner treats her like a burden taking any way to get away from her as possible.heartless acts of rage and neglect on a child ….. sometimes her house is a disgusting rotting mess cuz she too strung out or withdrawaling into a pig slob of a living environment for a child completely breaks my heart and wish someone would save that beautiful innocent girl before she fucks her right up for the rest of her life.smoking meth and cigarettes in the apartment.neglecting even basic child needs to lazy to get out of bed poor girl sits alone while her mommy does give a shit and stays in bed all day .Inviting heroin junkies and meth dealers to her home to come hang in the bedroom while she sits alone in her room totally unaware that this isnt right and i fear for the childs safety.anyways if you fall in love with this woman you will pay the fullest youll be broke broken and empty by the time shes done with you. I pity the fool whos next ahahaahHHHHHHh im freeeee finnally welcome to the dirty army Rachael you earn your induction well done. Psycho ugly Toothless meth freak just another welfare mom junkie for life and going nowhere contented to live off the system forever with excuse after excuse for not being able to work and pay taxes like a grown up or be an adult at all.

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