Danielle Hudgins — Sent Me To Jail

I can’t take seeing anything from this manipulative drug addict thieving goof! She goes to the guy that can give her more drugs, money, etc! She’ll rob you when your sleeping, when you are working, when you are in the bathroom or running to the store. She’ll sell things given to her and cry cause she’ll say there stolen cause hey that’s more in her pocket and she will know it’ll be replace. You can’t even go to a store with her cause security knows her thieving ways. Also she weasels her self to get a man whether he’s taken or not so she can suck everything out of him. She’s a goof rat, you know the sit on the stand and lie goof rat to save her own a55. Like she did me, fuking cvnt!! She’ll set you up for the highest bidder, so she can get what she can from two places. She moves quickly with her manipulation. I have to say she can win an award with her victim acting skills. She can’t live here in Lumby or Cherryville cause everyone knows she’ll fuking bury you and suck everything out of you. She’s a compulsive liar telling you what you want to hear, and to get everything she can from you. She’s fuked her friends over and stolen from them. She’s fuking ugly especially when she’s strung out, fuk I am almost puking thinking about it. I see she dumped her boyfriend cause obviously this new one can offer her more. Hey buddy good luck and watch your things and your back! Make sure you glove it up cause she’s spreading those legs when your not around dirty whore!! I kept this b1tch on all my accounts cause you keep your enemies close but fuk I can’t take it so this is my warning to every man and woman cause no one deserves what this b1tch can do to you. I have blocked the cunt from everything. Fuk you Dani I know you will get what you deserve cause Karma is a b1tch and a whole lot dirtier than you! You go do your meth, pepsi and pills cause you are nothing to me, my family and friends anymore. I can’t wait for the day I hear you go down!! Thieving dirty addict whore. Sorry Vernon she’s already fuked Cherryville, Lumby and Grand Prairie so your her target now!!

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