Trenton Train Wreck Brittany Andrews Of Trenton, ON

ATTENTION all Trenton, Frankfort, Belleville, Picton and all over!! This girl before you is none other than Brittany Andrews! These photos were taken straight off her instagram and Facebook. Where her bio reads that she’s a “full time mommy,” which is a crock of sh*t. She had her daughter taken away from her by C.A.S. because she was a dirty, neglectful mother, that’d rather be out getting high and drunk at the bars and bringing home a new guy every night than stay home with her kid and parent, cook and clean, pay bills etc.
She wasted all her money at the bars and on drugs. She failed to clean her apartment and pay rent and store food in her cupboards for her daughter. So C.A.S did what they as well as many others would think is right for her daughter and her daughters safety. Seems as she couldn’t grow up and still has no intention of growing up.
Brittany’s constantly out floozy-ing it up, sucking Greg like it’s her day job, hits on all sorts of men spoken for or not. She don’t care. Thankfully her baby daddy has a better head on his shoulders and left that train wreck and is in a long term relationship with a beautiful girl and he has a full time job, and of course full custody of their child. Good for him! I couldn’t even imagine being an irresponsible parent and not having a care in the world what my kids doing today, how she feels or what she’s ate, or anything it’d drive me nuts

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