Vania Merida — Houston, Texas

I wanted to expose this floozy that broke up my marriage. I did some research. She is like 25 and still works at a breastaurant! She has been there she was in high school never went to college because she learned 2 things, 1, get breast implants, men will like you more! She was super flat chested but once she got the b**b job her whole demeanor changed! Big b***s bigger tips and more men wanting you! Plus she finally learned how to use makeup! To cover that ugly face! 2. Once you achieve 1 then get a sugar daddy! She is a well known sugarbaby and has a bunch of guys give and use her. Just look at her posts, she never shows herself with any men, they are all old guys so why would a young woman show some old guy? But she spends time traveling, buying expensive things, etc. one of my sources told me she had quit working when she landed a rich whale sugar daddy but after he got tired of her he toasted her back and of. Purse since she has no education she went back to waitress in a breast airbag because she has no education or skills! She is a complete loser and get this was showing off she just got a Mercedes Benz! So, 1, a new sugar daddy got it for her or 2 it is a cheap lease program. It is a cheap c class which they made for the non wealthy people to look like they have money. Vania, stop pretending to live this glamorous life, all you are is a uneducated waitress that only has fake b***s or else you would be way below average. Once any guy gets you which I hear is not hard they will use you for the 3 months then return you to the store. Stop pretending to be this successful woman when you have achieved nothing! You make Th e real educated woman like me look bad! You can have my husband. I am divorcing him and gettting everything! Plus, I am a lawyer so I will still have a good life which I built myself with my brain. Women like you are a disgrace to our gender.

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