Lying B1tch Used Rape

Lying B1tch Used Rape. Ok niki this one is amazing. SHE USED RAPE TO TRY AND COVER HER CHEATING A55!! She can’t keep a job and for some reason has custody of her kids. She getting divorced right now and is blowing her money on putting guys up in hotels and taking them out to dinner and shit…while her husband(far from innocent but at least he trying) is busting his ass keeping bills paid and checked himself into a clinic. I’ve never known him to be so bad and it’s all because of her. She has lied, hid sh1t, and cheated multiple times with no remorse! She has no heart whatsoever! She will fuk anything with a d1ck that looks her way right now and it’s really sad. Can’t stand her “exhusband” but starting to feel bad for the guy.

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Victoria Bigalow — Cheating slut

Erin Dowsha — Is a promiscuous lady to old to be acting in such a way.