Jennifer Martin Black Widow, Lying, Cheating, Gold Digging, Floozy

Jennifer Martin Black Widow, Lying, Cheating, Gold Digging, Floozy. Jennifer Martin of Godley Texas is a floozy and a whore. She has already been married at least three times and has 5 kids from different baby daddy’s. She does not want to raise her kids because she wants to be drunk use drugs pop pills and party and her kids are in her way. She needs a man to pay for her habits because she is worthless and uses sex and tricks in the bedroom to get her life paid for. She prays on older men with low self esteem, she insists on rings and life insurance policy in her name. She bounces from man to man, her kids coming to a different home or a different man in mommy’s bed almost weekly at times. She has no morals, she doesnt care if a man is married or taken, if she thinks he can bring money to her, she will spread her legs. She openly discusses what she wants done in the bedroom in front of her minor children and she will take off her close in front of underage children and in public places. Men don’t always know that they are on a long list that she keeps in her back pocket to see who will come up with some money or a ring for her first as she lies. She cheated on her previous husband her previous boyfriends and toys with men for years on years on end. She is a black widow, raised by a mother who has been married 6 times and has two dead husbands. She learned from the best. This woman is evil in its purest form. Watch your husband, watch your boyfriends. She even had a sexting affair with her own sisters husband. She has no moral compass.

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