Chris Pollard

Chris Pollard. Chris pollard is too much of a pu55y to beat a guy he’s gotta beat his girlfriend’s and get them addicted to drugs he will ruin any good girl who trys to help him.and convince her she deserves the abuse. He makes his girlfriend’s financially support his heroin addiction and then loses it when she won’t pay up. He trys to play the family card and say having kids will fix things when he fuks up too bad. This loser has so many K files he is having a hard time knowing who’s who! Lol! A loser skid midget with mommy issues is all he is. All he is is dope simple. With no regard for his family and friends. Can’t even clean up his act for a 10/10 gorgeous girl who loved him through everything and still trys to be with him. Stockholm syndrome!!!! This guy deserves any beating coming his way. Watch out scumbag

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