Hannah Forsythe — Don’t Hire Hannah Forsythe

Hannah Forsythe — Don’t Hire Hannah Forsythe. Hannah is one of the worst people I had an opportunity to work with. She was lazy and would come to work high on special k, xanex, weed, still drunk from the day before. She is always sweating because she is detoxing when she goes too long without a fix. She would routinely show up late (often without showering) and not contribute any effort making things harder for her coworkers because someone had to pickup the slack. Customers would routinely be furious over the terrible customer service she would provide. After multiple chances she was finally fired from her job. She then decided to post lies about her employer to get sympathy/attention. She claims she is friends with people she worked with but she wants them to struggle financially as well. She even said “I want the company to lose business and everyone (even her so called “friends”) can be broke like me too now”. She has posted complete lies about another previous employer too. It’s a pathetic cycle for her. The world deserves to know that if you hire this sweaty junkie and then fire her because she is a terrible employee be prepared for her to attack your business online.

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