Sabrina De Angelis — LYING/CHEATING SLEW

Stay clear from this one guys. She claims as to be this ultra amazing good girl. That would never cheat. Until you catch her in the action. Shes claims shes whole hearted and luves by karma. Her devilsh ways will definitely fool you. But dont let it. She is nothing that she leads on thats for sure.. dont let this one break your heart boys. Shes still married as well. Claims that she doesnt want to get a divorce because she wants to hekp him get his paper. She claims that shes one of the most loyal women on this earth. She also works a dead end job at swiss chalet in newton. Shes definitely all about the money too collecting life insurance from her exes. She had this amazing guy until he wallked in on her with another man while he was coming home from a work trip. Not to mention it was her brothers best friend . Then follows to kick her man and his 6 year old son out after she got caught. With no remorse or words to explain. Such a yoga slew. Definitely pretends to be something she is NOT.

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