Jennifer Khun Khun — Wannabe Trap Queen

Jennifer Khun Khun Wannabe Trap Queen.THIS IS JENNIFER KHUN KHUN OR PARDEEP GREWAL tr1cks a broke dirty Fijian trying tryna be low key rolling in her “manz” AMG while he’s doing tyme. she actz like she’s a sumbudddy when really she ain’t shytt lollllzzz Watch out for this horse looking sk4nk. Tr1ck got caught up in a raid with her 50 year old bf few years back (google it) she did sum tyme now she thinks she’s a “queen pin” the new spill this trickery’s looking for BK to pop off sum rounds on em cus of sum unsettled b33f n she tells every1 that to soo her family thinks they gang members now they tell every1 they’re looking for BK haha she told her lil b1tch crew to rep BIBO so they all walk arnd talkingg they hittaz for loloanski tryna grip BK they rep BIBO so hard it’s comical. Sum1 get this tr1ck a new brain she’s sniffing way to much of that white girl b4 her pu55y underage crew getz tooled. to bad every1 u f7ck with ratz. We watchinn u h0e Wudnt want u trunked again.

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